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I purchased several bathroom fixtures and two cabinets a couple of years ago and when my contractor went over the next morning to pick them up, they had been sold to somebody else I ended up waiting two weeks until they got new stock on those items. I'd go back and ask about it.

I live in Mississippi, but work out of New Orleans. They did not have a clearance yellow tag, but were labeled with a white lower price tag. I scanned the overhead and saw one Band Saw and five or six Drill Presses. I didn't buy either and stopped at two other HDs on the way home. I am very pleased as both tools cost less that what I was planning to pay for the Band Saw alone.

Out of four different stores that I have been in over the past week that had the Band Saw, only one had it marked down and I only saw the Drill Presses in two of the stores. Both are incredible prices for good woodworking stationary power tools for folks on a budget plus the LLSA advantage.

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Bandsaw may need some modifications that have been expressed here on the Ridgid forum that will help any bandsaw newbie get the saw up to speed. There was an individual's name listed with a 15 Feb 10 pickup date annotated. She check to see if there were any more in stock none and indicated the SKU no longer comes up.

She did indicate that a HD store in Tallahasee shows the item in stock, but was unsure of the price, as that's determined by the HD region location. Cheers to all! Good luck Pat.

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Thanks for looking out. Kev Dog.

Dremel 220-01 Rotary Tool Work Station

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Refine search. Item Quick Info. Floor Drill Press is the perfect choice for drilling metal or wood. Features power, accuracy and versatility packed into a sturdy floor mount base. CE certified. A great choice for the home hobbyist. The unit has a 20in.

Silverline 262212 - 350W 250mm (10

It's an old one has a big incandescent bulb, but still a laser not bad, but I remember the weird instructions where I had to hammer the chuck into place. It's not as accurate as I remember in shop class - there is some wobble, but it was good enough for what I need it for drilling through metal or using forstner bits, etc.

I remember the vises in shop class just being so heavy that you didn't need to clamp it down. I don't have one that fits on the drill press, but I also use C-clamps or quick clamps or whatever the Irwin ones are called. What we do in life echoes in Eternity RFD discounts for Schluter products.

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