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Pricing Blog About Try Close. Most salespeople ask for the close way too late. You need to step up your closing game. The first no is your friend. Be okay with it. Here's an email I received from the founder of a SaaS monitoring solution , who actually put my advice into practice closed deals while being at MicroConf one of my favorite startup events to attend : I receive emails like this all the time. Stare rejection in the face People that are afraid of rejection are the ones that get it often.

They take it personally. They can feel it. Taste it. You can see it all over their face. People that are winning. People that are closing deals. What do we need to do? Stare it in the face. Speak with the point of contact and with other people at the company in different departments to learn more.

This will give you a clearer picture of how the company works and what its objectives are. Set expectations early in the sales process. And ask difficult questions about their budget, timeline, etc.

You'll qualify the prospect, build a genuine rapport with them, and earn their trust. When working with a prospect, you want to provide them with a holistic solution that fits their business' needs. Don't try to push a product on them that won't benefit them. If the buyer has any concerns about price or product fit, proactively address their concerns. Listen to them and validate their concern. Then, ask additional qualifying questions and respond thoughtfully. Once you're confident in the solution you're providing to the buyer and their company, it's time to ask for the sale.

Make the buyer feel comfortable, but don't be afraid to communicate any urgency you might be feeling to move the deal forward. Finalize the signing of the contract and any additional paperwork.

How to ask Killer Sales Questions-Close More Deals w/ Powerful Questions

And set your new customer up for success with resources and information about implementation. The assumptive close is a sales tactic used to close a deal. The salesperson assumes the prospect has already agreed to buy and finishes the sale by saying something like, "When should we get begin implementation? What's the assumptive close? It's a manipulative sales tactic where you act like the prospect has already decided. Is this the worst way to close a deal? If someone isn't going to buy, the assumptive close won't get them to do a -- so it's not as though you're tricking people into handing over their credit cards.

You might, however, convince an on-the-fence prospect to walk away. This technique makes you come across as pushy and self-serving, which isn't the best impression to give when kicking off a business partnership. Instead of this strategy, try these closing phrases. We promise they're more effective and they won't make you feel like a slimeball. Use these non-aggressive closing questions to make the buyer feel comfortable -- without completely taking off the pressure.

This one turns salespeople into Jedi mind trick masters. In an Inc. If the answer is "yes," however, the rep has the opportunity to address objections without bringing the deal to a halt. Objections often kill deals. But in this case, handling the objection is actually a way of closing the sale. Of course, this depends on the company's ability to resolve the problem by a given date.

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  • But if a fix is possible, getting the customer to commit ahead of time is a clever way of turning a con into a pro. This question automatically makes your prospect think of all the reasons they're interested in buying. Because you end by asking for their opinion, it sounds genuine rather than self-serving. And once they say something like, "Yeah, I think it could really help us with X," you've got the perfect segue into "Great, I'll send over the proposal right now.

    This is the closing line espoused by Dave Kurlan in his book Baseline Selling. It's sort of perfect: gentle and friendly without being obscure or weak. Plus, it enforces the rep's image as an advisor rather than a hard-closing salesperson. Clearly, this closing technique isn't appropriate for every situation it's called "selling," after all, not "giving away". But for important or very large deals, offering an exclusive or time-sensitive add-on to sweeten the pot might be a smart move.

    Price discounts could also make sense in competitive markets. However, it's up to management whether they empower reps to make discount or freebie offers on their own.