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We take care of the external body and underbody and the interior detailing meticulously. We are specialized in auto detailing services and know how much you value your car. Try our high quality services, and leave your car under our care. Rutherford Car Wash Give your car the best treat. I personally detailed cars for years and my brother ran a….

Had a great experience, very satisfied with the work quality and the great attitude of the people that came to do a great job. Thank you. AC Does an ok job,I think they could dry the car better though,the hours could be longer. KV This car wash gets 0 stars from me Website Coupons. Kwiki Car Wash Car Wash. Chicken and Dumplings Ingredients: 1 stewing chicken 1 small onion Pepper to taste 1 cup sifted flour 2 teaspoons baking powder A teaspoon salt sprig of parsley, minced V i cup of milk How to: Cut chicken into serving portions..

F red Capitani, has a double feature this week on statew ide cable, C. Wednesdays, and on Vision C a b lp 10 a t 8 p. Place in soup pot and partly cover with water. Add onion, salt and pepper and cook for two and a half to three hours. M ix flour with baking powder, minced parsley and m ilk into a thick batter. Brin g chicken broth to a boil and drop in batter from a spoon.

C over tightly and cook for 20 minutes. Place chicken on a platter and serve surrounded b y dumplings. Coupon Dood Sun. LfrnMone par shopping I June MJTO U. I B e L u c k y in S p rin g a n d Sm art in W in te r Just as last year s lucky winner, if you use Fuel Oil for heating this could be your winning year! J purchase fuel fromhediger s. I Contest ends Aug.

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The announcement was made by Robert J. Jones, chairm an of the board. Stupinkevicius cam e to First National in She has served as manager of the commercial loan dep artm ent. H er duties included training and implementation of teller system. Lyndhurst and H arrison branches.

Allan S.. Vargas of Oriental Place, Lyndhurst. The m a te rn a l gran d parents are M r. Efrain V arg as of Ir v ington.

The d e g ree w a s a w a r d e d through the Department of A n a t o m y a n d N e u robiology at the College of Medicine s graduation ceremony. Daniloff participated in a special recognition ceremony for doctor of philosophy candidates. At that time, she received the royal blue hood from her dissertation adviser Dr.

Joseph Wells.

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Dr Daniloff w ill begin her postdoctoral research Fellow position at Rockefeller University, Manhattan. She w ill be conducting experiments on the regeneration of brain circuitry in the laboratory of Dr.

Meadowlands car wash coupon

Gerald Edelm an, a Nobel Laureate. Daniloff is married to Dr. Raymond G. Excel, cond. Ult whl. Exceptional condition. E x tra clean.

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W Cutlass Oids-dr. V6, auto trans. Im maculate. The peeling paint adds to the general air of shabbiness and neglect which surrounds the building. I greatly regret that the L y n d h u r s t B o a r d of Education has done nothing for about six years to hold back the erosion of the building. And 1 greatly regret that the Board of Education, knowing that there is an active Lyn dhurst group anxious to save and restore the building, seems unable or unwilling to reach a concensus about planning for the future of the school.

They have shown no signs Dear Editor, 1have been following the Stage Two Report Passaic River Basin Study with great interest The object of the study in simple terms is the construction of a siphon tunnel, levies and flood walls to relieve the flooding of those municipalities which received devastating flood damage during the recent and past rainfalls.

Although I am not an engineer. It is a valuable fragment of our area history. I strongly urge the Lyndhurst Board of Education to put a decision on the school at the top of its agenda They can then decide whether or not the building may have a line future, as well as a distinguished past V ery truly yours Ruth E Koehler President, Meadowlands Museum D i L a s c i o C r i t i c i z e s T u n n e l The cost of this project is estimated at 1 billion dollars.

However, these types of projects traditionally bring with them great cost overruns, so you can be assured the cost w ill be m u ch h ig h er Purchasing those properties in the flood plain and relocating the owners as an alternate cure was estim ated a t m illio n dollars. Should the authoritie s ta k e th e second course and purchase the flood area and build a network of dams, retention basins, levies and flood walls in that area, we would solve the problem at the source and possibly find some benefit in the form of recreation areas and increased water supplies.

Maintenance of the tunnel, which is approximately 40 in diameter, 14 miles long, and an average of ' below ground level, is estimated to be 25 million dollars a year. This seems a ridiculous waste of taxpayers' money' A plan of reservoirs, basins and channel expansion was presented previously and rejected by residents of Morris and Essex County Morris County is one of the a re a s a ffe c te d by floodwaters because they would lose too much of their land due to structural remedies, thus the tunnel theory.

This foot-wide tunnel carrying floodwaters from central and upper Passaic River Basins w ill empty into the Passaic River opposite Court Avenue in Lyndhursl A series of sea walls and levies w ill separate Lyndhurst from the Passaic River.

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  • When it rains, Lyndhurst s storm waters empty in to the Passaic R iver; with a 40 flow increase, the new water height a result of the added runoff from Bergen, Passaic, Morris. Sussex, Essex, Somerset and parts of Orange and Richmond Counties in New York, we may have to pump our storm waters over these new heights in order to keep our town above water What if our pumps fail?

    This proposal is like getting a flat in your left front tire, repairing it and using the air in your right front tire to inflate the one you just fixed. Let's not move the flood plain down to Lyndhurst. North Ar lington and Kearny.

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    We Dear Editor: In a week we will all be celebrating the fourth of Ju ly - brass bands, hot dogs, and fireworks' Independence Day W e A m e r ic a n s p rid e must correct it at the source, in a way we can get some benefit from a bad situation Is there a reason this area should be constantly dumped on? Why not solve some of Northern New Jersey's problems somewhere other than Lyndhurst, North Arlington, and Kearny9 This issue must be brought to the attention of the people in our area This project should not proceed as planned' Sincerely. John DiLascio ourselves on our independence.

    For those who are disabled, independence means the personal freedom of movement which allows one to go to supermarkts. Independence, for people who have disabilities, means the enjoyment of the rights to which all Americans are entitled un der the Declaration of In dependence, the rights ot life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness These are rights which all of tend to take for granted until one day.

    Stutled with R ic o tta Relay 84 lacked off June 12 in Geneva, Switzerland, and before it is over runners will cover two continents in 54 days, finishing August 4 in Lost Angeles at the S u m m e r O ly m p ic Games. Relay 84 w ill pass through New Je rs e y Ju ly 7. Anyone m ay join R e la y 84 anywhere along the route and participate by running or supporting in any way they choose.

    World Runners is an organization of over 10, men and women worlwide who are committed to m aking their running a means of educating and intensifying public awareness on the subject of hunger.

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    The assembled runners were addressed by UN rep resentatives and by W illy B r a n d t, fo r m e r chancellor of West Germany. The relay then began with the first runner, the world champion skier Jean Claude Killy, carryin g the baton down the steps of the G e n e v a U N b u ild in g Thereafter, in addition to a core team of European runners, country teams have been passing the baton along through Switzerland, Austria, Germ any, France, and Great Britain. The n e x t day, joined by contingents of runners from the Tri-State area and from New England, they will set out on the long journey across the continent.

    As the baton passes through each of 12 regions, fresh teams of supporters and runners w ill p a r t ic ip a t e s u c cessively in the run. Or ganized under the auspices of Ride for Life, a Harvard U n iv e rs ity stu d e n t o r ganization, the riders will converge on Los Angeles at the same time as the Relay runners.

    Finally a team w ill start another message-bearing baton from Mexico, near the California border, several days before the grand finale.